New Recordings

There are three new projects up on the work page!


All three of these are from the last two months. I want everybody to know what it feels like to work on projects they love with people they admire. I feel wildly lucky.

I played upright bass and banjo on World To Come, and I sang on Af Purim. I recorded those parts myself at h2o2.

Recording the soundtrack for Where Basketball Was Jewish was a singular privilege. An all-star cast of world-renowned klezmer musicians were recorded at h2o2, reacting to the footage in real time. Rudy and I then artfully edited and arranged the audio to create the first iteration of this great, insightful experimental film about the South Philadelphia Hebrew Association. Check the work page for info about the musicians, and a link to the film!

Preparation for these recordings included rebuilding part of the studio. I rewired all of my inputs and outputs through a patch bay, and though that may be meaningless to you, it was a lifesaver.

Let me explain. Firstly, you can see a picture of the patch bay above. It’s the device all the way on the bottom with the little jacks.

The patch bay allows me to conveniently reroute all of my equipment without having to crawl around on the floor, squeezing into corners not meant for people. It also pre-routes my entire studio in my most common configuration. This is a foundationally important functionality in any recording studio. It allows me to focus on the art of recording without getting distracted by the technology.

It also represents hundreds of hours of soldering and studio design. Am I proud? Duh.

Reach out today to make something to be proud of. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Talk soon!
Dot <3